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The Higgs Boson and Particle Physics for lay-people
The Data that threatened to break physics - In 2011, an experiment seemed to measure particles traveling faster than the speed of light; Ransom interviewed the (former) leader of the experiment to get the real story. How Einstein discovered relativity - Did Einstein discover relativity all by himself? Or did problems in the old theory lead him to it? Does time stop at the speed of light? - a Youtube video, Ask Dr. Ransom #15. What is Perturbation Theory? - a Youtube video, Ask Dr. Ransom #21, describes a way to think about the magnitudes of different effects
Is dark matter about to be discovered? - Evidence for dark matter has been building for decades--it’s about time it showed up. Neutrinos: Nature’s most elusive particles - When neutrinos pass through matter, they rarely leave a trace, but when they do, it comes in the form of a ghostly ultra-violet cone of light. The quirks of quarks - Quarks follow a whole different set of rules than electrons. Electrons repel and the farther you separate them, the less force they feel—these behaviors are probably synonymous with your concept of “force,” but not after you read this article. Quantum wave functions come alive! May the Bohr Model rest in peace - Atomic wave functions have finally been measured and it’s now time to put the Bohr Model of the atom to rest, once and for all. Gravity Measuring gravitational radiation In search of gravity waves Noise in the time dimension: the strange case of flicker The Higgs Boson Discovery: Pt 1 Herding Cats on the Franco-Swiss Border Pt 2 What they detect Pt 3 What they actually measure Pt 4 Identifying the stuff in the detectors Pt 5 ATLAS and CMS - the biggest test devices on earth Pt 6, ATLAS and CMS - catching muons and neutrinos Pt 7 What a Higgs Boson looks like Pt 8 Is the particle observed at CERN really the HIggs Boson? Pt 9, What makes King Carl XVI Gustaf think it’s the Higgs Boson?  Fermilab contributes another piece to the matter-antimatter puzzle - Antimatter, made famous in the movie “Angels and Demons” as well as in the warp drive of Star Trek’s Enterprise, is conceptually simple. Proton Collisions at the Large Hadron Collider - What’s in it for You? - The most expensive and advanced scientific instrument in human history is aiming to revolutionise our understanding of the universe. The unrecognized genius of Emmy Noether - You've heard of Albert Einstein but have you heard of Emmy Noether?Emmy Noether made perhaps the most important discovery in the encyclopedia of human understanding. . .
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The Principle of Least Action
Measure of Things Science from the perspective of a technologist, technology from the perspective of a scientist
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