The Left Brain Speaks The Right Brain Laughs: A Look at the Neuroscience of Innovation & Creativity in Art, Science & Life from Viva Editions
Ransom Stephens scientist, author, speaker
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The Left Brain Speaks The Right Brain Laughs - Reviews
“…so cleverly written that it offers both an amusing read and an illuminating discussion of brain science…Stephens disproves the black-and-white schisms and bring us more discerningly into shades of gray (matter) — sorry, but his tongue-in-cheek style is contagious…We all have the ability to innovate, as Stephens writes, and he helps us understand how not only why, but how. We can start by leaving our own stable models of reality behind, and give our own brain room to expand. And, as this eye-opener of a book shows, expand it will.“ -Patricia Gale, Blogcritics “…Stephens, known for his forward-thinking, science fiction novels, The God Patent and The Sensory Deception, now shares an edgy look at neuroscience as it relates to those who identify as either right-brained or left-brained, and tackles the reasons why we think the way we do. In the spirit of appeasing both his right- and left-brained readers, Stephens even titles each chapter with opposing ideas: Life & Death, Art & Science, Alone & Together and so on. In case you’re thinking this is a serious read, think again. What could be a drab explanation on gray matter ends up as a humorous and interesting read, offering anecdotes along with insightful information. Each chapter is broken up into easy to digest subsections, with amusing topics like “The realities of whales, dogs, and trees (and naked people).” - Crissi Langwell, The Santa Rosa Press-Democrat Audio version: Winner of the AudioFile Earphones Award Narrator James Patrick Cronin brings out the humor and intrigue that are deftly interwoven with scientific data in this exploration of how the brain works. Cronin's narration of this research is lively and informal. Whether delivering the personal stories of test subjects, the mind-boggling statistics and measurements of widths of synapses or axons, or the analysis of how the left and right side of the brain collaborate to capture the nuances of everyday logic and emotion, Cronin's easy flow and lightness in tone make the information easy to follow and digest. The author's irony is also evident in Cronin's playful cheekiness, which effectively lends itself to the book's mix of science and emotion and the argument that analysis, creativity, and emotion are deeply interrelated. - AudioFile Magazine
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