The Time Weavers First installment: The 99% Solution - coming in 2017 Second installment Too Rich to Die - coming in 2018
The Times Weavers are:
Simon Wentworth—a naïve, harmless schizophrenic; the physicist version of Monk or Columbo or even Forest Gump, who believes he can move from one reality to another and, during these episodes, has the power to choose the course of history. Fiona Black—an excessively optimistic, one-legged, liberal, Australian lesbian; the proprietor of The Intoxicating Page, a hacker, hipster, literati bar/bookstore hangout in San Francisco. Vladimir “Volodya” Kazimer—a badass, pessimistic, conservative Russian; the computer scientist who creates software that calculates the probabilities of possible futures. Winter—Simon’s beagle companion. Sure to bring readers a Raiders of the Lost Ark buzz of international adventure, history, and humor, the interplay of these three musketeers balances friendship, rivalry, drinks, and wit always keeping the story fun, interesting, and moving. From the Intoxicating Page bar/bookstore in San Francisco and their remotely-accessible Vienna computer lab, the Time Weavers predict the future timelines of individuals, organizations, and countries to save humanity from disaster.
1. The 99% Solution Francis Woodley is a One-Percenter: pampered heir to an immense corporate empire that holds entire nations in thrall. Lucy Montgomery is his polar opposite: poster child of the Occupy movement and pawn of anarchist rebels. With anarchists and corporate plutocrats on a collision course to destroy the world economy in pursuit of their utopian ideals, the Time Weavers race to save humanity by manipulating probable timelines between the inception of World War 1 and the hundred year dark age that would follow World War 3. Every timeline except one leads to global conflict, but for that one timeline to emerge into reality and rescue civilization, Lucy must assassinate Francis. An international, inter-dimensional suspense story, from San Francisco to Sarajevo, Amsterdam to Berlin, the 99% Solution is a swashbuckling, thought-provoking, hilarious, intercontinental tale of suspense that will leave you questioning centuries of world politics. 2. Too Rich to Die Ethan Scratch, a 28 year-old San Francisco Techie, is the world’s first trillionaire. Like a high-tech A Christmas Carole, Ethan’s greed has ruined his life and just might ruin the world if Simon, Fiona, and Volodya can’t rescue him from himself. Ranging from San Francisco to Paris, Mexico, India, and Vienna, Too Rich to Die melds themes of Silicon Valley wealth, the French Revolution, and developing world sweatshops into a fast paced story of love found, lost, and utterly destroyed. 3. Wager -- Someone steals the Timescapers’ technology. Vietnamese hacker Man Dotnet steals the Timescapers’ timeline prediction technology. He opens the betting by speculating on stocks, bonds, and real estate. Then, having built a fortune, he moves on to riskier bets, ultimately picking winners and losers in military conflicts. The Timescapers find themselves with strange bedfellows from Anonymous as they are forced to cripple their own technology to stop global calamity.
The Times Weavers is a fiction series that weaves the past and present into the very near future. Featuring three swashbuckling hackers and a beagle, each installment is a standalone, full-length novel built for irreverent fun in the face of complicated economic, technological, and political issues.
Ransom Stephens scientist, author, speaker
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