Clarity of method, thought, and philosophy
Novels with quirky, multidimensional characters in stories built on accurate, cutting edge science. The Sensory Deception  (2013, 47North) -- Somali pirates, burning rain forests, Moby Dick, and a sexy venture capitalist who funds three Silicon Valley scientists whose technology can solve the world’s environmental problems. The God Patent (2009, Numina Press, re-released in 2013 by 47North) -- sex, drugs and quantum physics collide with artificial intelligence faith and free will in this perspective altering tale set in the science- religion culture war. To Rich to Die and The 99% Solution (coming) -- Three swashbuckling scientists try to rescue the future from humanity’s foibles.
Science, technology, and culture. Clarifying new discoveries, providing insight into how science is done, how technology is developed, and how they affect society now and in the future. The Left Brain Speaks The Right Brain Laughs (Viva Editions) -- an edgy, irreverent (but accurate!) look at the neuroscience of talent & skill, innovation & analysis, in the arts, sciences & Life. Measure of Things -- Ransom’s blog on science from the perspective of a technologist and technology from the perspective of a scientist sponsored by Electronics Design News.
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